Some examples.

  • Costing of individual items inclusive of duties, exchange, insurance etc, in single shipment with multiple vendors.
  • Space requirement calculation for warehouse, truck or container relating to both purchase or sale of product.
  • Order consolidations to single invoice for head office billing or to accommodate shipping optimizations.
  • Complex pricing based on quotes, quantities, customer types, time allocation, rebates, etc.
  • Retail P.O.S. integration with automatic order replenishment based on daily demand and delivery lead times.
  • Automatic vendor P.O. creation for items with special one-time vendor pricing from quotes converted to sales.
  • Limited life cycle item management.
  • Order fulfillment optimization with complex pick, pull, stage and put aways for receipt and order picking.
  • Automatic order releases for contracted orders with pre-specified quantities and dates.
  • Optimized order releases based on calculated delivery times.
  • Multi-rep, single order commission calculations based on customer, item, order type, margin, minimum, etc.
  • Seasonal order calculations based on commitment plus forecast taking into account product life cycle.
  • Inventory revaluations taking into account rebates on previous orders complete with audit trail.
  • Sales tracking and reporting of one-time promotions, trade show sales, drop shipments or time sensitive sales.
  • Supports promotions, kitting or buy and free promotions.
  • Order triangulation across bill to – ship to – and paid by company as well as specific group reporting.
  • Management and tracking of items in duty free warehousing with duty draw back calculations and audits.
  • Order and item allocations based on customer prioritization with last minute order re-allocations.


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