On-Line Collaboration and Storage 

Your Own Private Cloud

Kerio Workspace is a server software solution built for small and medium sized businesses. It allows coworkers to securely store and share files and ideas in a more private online environment, even if it’s hosted offsite.

Organize and Upload

Organize and update your online content. Create a space, any number of pages within the space then just drag and drop.

Create On The Fly 

From within the browser, you can easily create and share beautifully designed documents with rich t ext, links, images, videos, file libraries, and even embedded content from other websites


Share updated documents by any team member with the proper access rights. Changes are shared with the team instantly just by clicking Save 

Version Control

Uploaded files retain a version history when they replace existing files. Even when you choose to upload a new version of an existing file, you can still access the previous version any time to make sure no important content is overwritten and lost.

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