Accounts Payable Management

Define the relationship and get a 360 activity view

  • Define how transactions are to be distributed to G.L.
  • Define terms and bank to pay from.
  • Define how payment to be transacted i.e transfer, credit card, check etc.
  • Define how documents are dealt with.
  • When did activity start with this vendor.
  • Who is the contact to deal with there.
  • Vendor banking information for bank transfers.
  • Details for alternative billing to insurance or factoring company.
  • Your current status, what’s due in 7,?,? days.
  • What invoices are eligible for early payment discount .
  • What is your payment history with this vendor.
  • Have issues on price, delivery or quantity ever happened, what were the explanations.
  • What volume has been purchased this year and last year.
  • What discounts have been taken this year and last year
  • What deposits are on file.
  • How much business is drop-ship this year and last year.
  • What are your minimum orders and for what regions.
  • Drill down to originating document.
  • Filter all transactions by date range or transaction type.
  • Search by document, amount, date, po, docket number
  • View performance of delivery, quality or damages.
  • View what rebates you have earned so far this year.
  • What discussions have taken place, with whom.
  • What purchase orders are outstanding.
  • EDI supported transactions

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