Inventory Management

Inventory management and your supply chain are the backbone of any good business operations. With tighter integration to your suppliers, better analysis of inventory flows and newer technology devices OrdexPro has created some revolutionary changes in managing this important commodity.

More information and better processes.

Get full visability of your inventory across multiple warehouses. Manage your stock by piece, by pack, by weight and or package dimensions. Rule based instructions on picking and put-aways help avoid lost time and mis-placed items. Serial number/ lot control capabilities allow tracking for both recall or warranty purposes and inventory aging ensures you rotate your stock efficiently and manage obsolescence better. Automatic advices on inventory turns, trends, cycle changes or other abnormal behaviours ensure details aren’t the devil of bad decisions. Visuals of the product are present in all screens that touch the product to help ensure the right items are chosen and full audit of movement helps reduce shrinkage and errors.

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