Accounts Receivable Management 

Define the relationship and get a 360 activity view

In any size or type of business, cash is king. Success requires extreme care in managing cash flow and extending credit to credit worthy customers but your accounts receivable management needs to go well beyond just monitoring invoices and payments. Here we define what our customer is, what he means to us and how we are going to deal with them. In turn, we should be informed on how frequently they buy, what they buy, how they pay, the margins we make, the issues that have arisen, when is the next anticipated order, do we want to provide E-commerce / B2B access, what you want to be displayed or accessed and so on. Here are a few other things you should know about each of your customers:

data calculation

  • Who is the legal entity?
  • How big are they?
  • How many locations they have?
  • Are they owned by someone else?
  • How should we classify them?
  • What are their credit terms?
  • How do we want payments to be transacted?
  • How long have they been a customer?.
  • Is there a credit application on file?
  • When was the last credit review?
  • What are we budgeting revenues at?
  • Who are the contacts there?
  • When was the last contact made?
  • Who is invoiced, shipped and who pays?
  • How are invoices to be sent?
  • What is their current credit status with you?
  • What is their payment trend and has it changed?
  • What specific items have they bought?
  • What is their average order value?
  • Has there been issues on invoicing, what is the reason?
  • What volume have been purchased this year compared to last year.
  • What discounts have they taken and are they still taking?
  • Have we done much in the way of drop-shipping with them?
  • Is there a minimum order?
  • What are their hours of operation and receiving limitations?
  • Are there special document requirements

What we should be able to do

  • Filter all transactions by date range or transaction type.
  • Search by document, amount, date, P.O., docket number.
  • View our delivery and fulfillment performance.
  • View rebates they have earned so far this year.
  • View all correspondence including what discussions have taken place, with whom.
  • View outstanding orders, back-orders, R.M.A.’s or credits issued.
  • Manage all documentation electronically and support EDI transactions.

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