Purchase Order Management

One Screen – Many Views – More Control

Purchase order management is a critical component of any business as it needs to carefully balance cash against demand. It needs to look at lead times, profitability of items and carefully monitor costs. It might be tied to seasonality or limited life products with orders tied to an upcoming season. It could involve local orders delivered by truck or international orders that come by container across the ocean.  Regardless of how they take place, OrdexPro can help you streamline the process, track the en-route status and provide more visibility for those who need to know. If you order for drop ships, make one-time requisitions, deal in contract management, take advantage of vendor rate sealing or use automated purchase orders based on specific business rules, we have a solution for you.

As an integrated part of the software suite, real-time access to inventory levels, expected deliveries, and projected demand are readily visible to help buyers make better purchase decisions. For those companies that struggle with space requirements tied to order commitments, automatic calculation as order lines are entered let you know when a container or truck load has been established.  To ease the entry process even more, a link can be established to the vendor file monitoring credit limitations and order minimums as well as vendor performance monitoring for time and delivery fulfillment. Routine transactions can be automated enabling your buyers to focus on the value-added facets of their work, such as effective contract negotiations, strategic sourcing, and value-added analyses. You can foster improved vendor relationships and collaboration with a self-service portal that allows them to check on inventory levels, the status or purchase orders or payment status.

If  you utilize traveling buyers in foreign countries you can can benefit from both the internet access or our off-line module designed to synchronize and update as soon as a web connection can take place, ensuring marketing and sales have the necessary information and item creation complete with pictures and contracted pricing tied to the Purchase Order issue, so sales can start seeding their territory immediately. OrdexPro is designed to save time, resources and the opportunity for errors and has 3-way matching and integration to the relative modules in accounts payable, inventory and finance.  It can help you better establish real landed costs taking into account other costs like shipping materials, duty, freight, insurance, broker fees, refrigeration, inland freight bank fees and so on. Cost distribution rules can be based on weight, quantity, value, volume, percentage or other variables. Of course EDI is supported along with other types of communications.

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