Sales Order Desk 

Speed, accuracy and flexibility

Order desks that deal directly with customers do more than just take orders. They are also your ambassadors and can help win loyalties or create frustrations. They, like everyone else who communicates with the customer, can leave a positive or negative impression.

What impression do you want to leave?

With a 360-degree view of the customer and any associated activity, the inventory status and associated activity it becomes easier to recognize potential order fulfillment issues and or customer expectations. Customers that require special care are tagged and notes on their file help the order clerk know what  actions they should take to insure they hear what they expect to hear. Viewing of  previous orders or buying habits also makes it easier to be sure they get the items they might not be sure of.  Item pictures ensure the right products are selected, pricing is automatically addressed as are deliver times taking into account transportation lead times. The ability to view the inventory status across all warehouses, what’s allocated, in stock, on order, en-route and the associated ETA makes it easier to commit confidently.  Customer or items that are being monitored with specific tolerances trigger alerts to other authorities so customer issues, if any can be dealt with in the most expedient manner.  Make life easier for the order desk, less stressful for the customer and leave the impression you want.

Here are just a few examples of what is possible:

  • Orders can arrive via the Web, EDI, Sales Rep portal, etc. tagged for auto release or operator alert.
  • Order acknowledgements can be automated and directed at predefined recipients through email, fax or text.
  • Automated 3-way triangulation determining who gets billed, who is shipped, who will pay bills.
  • Creation of  RMA, Credit Notes, Debit Notes, Warranty Returns, Quotations.
  • Unlimited Order Type Categories to provide better analysis and reporting capabilities.
  • Visualization of items being ordered to eliminate confusion.
  • Ability to do Order Consolidations for Head Office billings.
  • Contract orders with multiple release quantities and dates.
  • Drop ship capability, or temporary alternative shipping locations with full audit.
  • Extensive pricing matrix covering quantity, price books, time limit, quote price and customer type pricing.
  • Support of kitting and or combined product specials.
  • Customer to warehouse allocation for better transportation costs or territory tracking.
  • Inventory view of allocated, on-hand, committed, en-route (ETD), on order and substitutes.
  • Hard or soft inventory allocations which can be tied to customer ranking.
  •  3-level credit evaluation based on limit, aging or value of single order.
  • Customer rankings.
  • Deposits, part-payments as well as credit card authorizations
  • Order consolidations for shipping cost reductions.
  • Supports Bill of Lading Invoicing.
  • Pro-forma Invoicing.
  • Multiple sales representative to order assignments.
  • Serialized or Lot tracking.
  • Extensive note support with internal or paperwork printout allocations.
  • Extensive item code alias support.

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