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Here are just some of OrdexPro ERP Solutions

B2B & E-commerce 

Time is a commodity in short supply for everyone these days.  When you open the communication channel to your business and let your audience self-help themselves, everyone saves time.  Today, everyone from the banking industry to the local grocery stores are benefiting from lower costs and improved customer loyalty because of convenience even when it means the customer does the work.  Let them decide when they want to do business with you and give them 24 x 7 service accessibility from anywhere before they see that benefit from your competition.  Show them you are always open for business and empower them with self-service. For more detailed information, click menu option on the left.

CRM & Sales Force Automation

CRM is all about relationship management – keeping customers you worked so hard to get and better managing sales efforts so you can be more successful finding new ones. Get better at identifying real opportunities, managing campaigns to attract the ones you have qualified and winning new customers, then get better at servicing them so they stay with you. For more detailed information, click menu option on the left.

Sales Order Management

The order process needs to be easy to use, flexible and come with intelligence so you can speed up and add accuracy to the order taking process. Your customers will benefit from a better customer experience and they will be more assured of getting what they ordered, when they need it and at the price they agreed upon. Knowledge is power so provide your order desk with more knowledge so they have the power to avert issues that arise because customers find out too late what they can expect.  For more detailed information, click menu option on the left.

Purchase Order Management

Purchasing plays a critical role in ensuring a good balance between cash and order fulfillment. There can also be some challenges balancing the economies of shipping, currency exchange, dealing with duties, container insurance, tariffs and so on. Whether you deal in ad hoc purchase orders, requisitions, automated ordering with multi-level authorizations or contract purchasing for a season OrdexPro is ready to make the job easier.  For more detailed information, click menu option on the left.

Accounts Receivable Management 

The basis of a good A/R Management program is better management of your cash both from a time and risk perspective but we think it should go beyond the basics so we have included options higher credit review like limits, aging, and single order along with a number of other factors associated with good money management. Since it is part of customer management the user needs to know what activity that has taken place both transactional as well as any communications so there is a clearer picture of what is taking place. We understand time is of the essence and it is better to be pro-active than re-active so we provide automatic advices on buying cycle changes or payment trend changes so you don’t have to rely on reviewing lengthy aging reports to head off risk or customer attrition. For more detailed information, click menu option on the left.

Enterprise wide communications

Stay connected with our all-in-one messaging and collaboration server for small to medium organizations, combining advanced email, calendaring and collaboration features with integrated anti-virus, powerful anti-spam, built-in archiving, automated backup and an easy admin interface. Other features include Distributed Domain, Full Web-Based Administration, CardDAV, and New Mobile Device support. Staying connected is important and we offer an award-winning, leading alternative to Microsoft Exchange for the SMB marketplace. For more detailed information, click menu option on the left.

Inventory Management 

Inventory management is a very important function that determines the health of the supply chain as well as the impact on the financial health of the company. Good Inventory management requires constant and careful evaluation of external and internal factors and control through planning and review as inventory is always dynamic. OrdexPro can help you to not only optimize your inventory levels but reduce the time it takes for planning and reviews. Good inventory management means you avoid the extra cost of overhead, debt service on loans, additional personal property tax and increased insurance costs associated with unsold product. This translates into savings and profits. For more detailed information, click menu option on the left.

Accounts Payable Management

Find answers instantly about payments made or other vendor activity including conversations and correspondence with views of un-posted, posted, and historical transactions. Streamline your accounts payable activities utilizing vendor categories and consistent record maintenance including addresses, shipping methods, default purchase accounts, currency, default banks and other user defined information. Evaluate vendor performance by way of on-time delivery, price variations or breakage. Manage expenditures better with full control over payment allocations, cheque runs and inclusions. Combine expected expenses with AR payment projections to establish better cash flow projections.  For more detailed information, click menu option on the left.

Collaboration Channel Storage 

Start collaborating more efficiently with customers, employees and vendors with a shared media source. Enable team members or other assigned entities to access with the ability to read or write information regardless of where they are or what time of the day it is. Whether you are training remote sales people on the pro’s and con’s of your competition, recording technical data, providing a repository for employees to get any kind of document or sharing a project with a business partner, a secure on-line storage depository available 24 x 7 that enables users to upload, update and immediately share content with other team members will be an invaluable tool.  For more detailed information, click menu option on the left.

Warehouse Management 

Track your goods by warehouse, move product between locations, assign business rules that automatically work economic quantities based on locations for consolidated orders. Integrate with vehicle mounted devices to speed tracking and control visibility accuracy of inventory levels. Include on-road trucks as warehouse locations and accommodate product in quarantine or duty free warehouses. For more detailed information, click menu option on the left.

Financial Reporting

Everything you need to measure the financial shape of your business: Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Comparatives, Bank Reconciliation, Currency Management, Sales Tax Reporting, CRA Audit Report and a host of other “criteria specific” report possibilities. Full control over periods, closings hard or soft, by module. For more detailed information, click menu option on the left.

Business Intelligence with Automatic Executive Reports

Improve the productivity of business analysts and preserve information consistency throughout an organization. Activate collaborative filtering and clustering to improve sales campaign performances. Do event monitoring and track business performance results. Track sales trends to better analyze demand forecast on purchases. Track customer response times based on process re-engineering changes to determine the value of the process change. Do ad hoc analysis to find new matrices that provide clearer insight into developing trends. The list is endless and only constrained by how one thinks and the information collected. For more detailed information, click menu option on the left.